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Why is Seedzi so entrepreneur focused?

Posted by : Lisa Clark

We knew our model would be non-traditional from the outset, and we were okay with that. Seedzi is a concept based upon something we care very strongly about, believing in people.

I helped create Seedzi because I wanted to approach the idea of incubation from a different angle. I have always enjoyed teaching people and helping them to grow into the next versions of themselves, and wanted to bring that same passion to Seedzi and the world of startups, where I see a need for a greater need to grow people rather than just growing companies.

Dusty and I started with a few baseline principles:

  • We love to work with people who are passionate about entrepreneurship
  • We love to teach people and share what we know
  • Our interests, work experience, and network cover multiple sectors, so we will remain industry agnostic
  • An idea on it’s own is valueless
  • If an idea has the right execution at the right time with the right people, the investment money will follow
  • We are not planning on funding ideas initially. Depending on the results, this may change over time.

With these basic tenets in mind, we knew our model would be non-traditional from the outset, and we were okay with that. Seedzi is a concept based upon something we care very strongly about, believing in people. We decided to focus our model on choosing the right candidates, regardless of whether they have an idea or not, because the idea can come later or change over time.

Our goal with Seedzi is to show people how to recognize and capture value within their marketplace of interest. Candidates can either have an idea they have been developing, or they can work with us until we land upon an idea that fits their interests and skillset. It doesn’t matter to us, because we know that candidate education and feedback loops will morph the idea from it’s original proposition.


Just as much as we love to teach people, we equally love to learn from others. Ultimately, we don’t want to be seen as a competitor to other accelerators or incubators. We want to work with and learn from them while creating a network for fostering enterprises with them.

We mapped out a very general landscape of the entrepreneur journey, and tried to see where our model would be most useful to our community. Here is where we see ourselves in a person’s entrepreneurship journey:


In order to pull this very high risk proposition off, we had to have an almost annoying level of focus on the entrepreneur. Our vetting process places a strong emphasis on identifying individuals with the necessary characteristics to become successful founders. One of the most critical components of any startup is the correct founders. If we get that foundational piece right, the chances for success increase exponentially.

Although we are based out of Portland, Oregon, Seedzi seeks out candidates from all over the world. Our rigorous behavioral and psychology testing process helps us find individuals who flourish with either direct or remote education and assistance.

So we found the person, when do we create the business?

Our formulary takes potential entrepreneurs and uses established educational practices and principles to grow their business acumen. We don’t focus on finding the idea first, but rather on learning how to identify and capture value. After about three months of heavy education, we then move on to ideation.

Through this educational process, we help candidates formulate their own ideas, help them find the value in ideas they may have had from the outset, or present them with new ideas. No matter what, since we are personally invested in the individual, we iterate on the idea until we land on a formula and model that will work.

After we settle on the idea and potential model with the candidate, we help them through the initial stages of gaining their first customers and prep them for seeking out capital rounds of funding. We offer guidance on where and how to grow the business, while letting them develop at their own discretion. If we’ve done our jobs right, we know the person will understand how to make calculated decisions, learn from their errors, and recognize when and how to take risks.


In the end, Seedzi’s model is wholly focused on identifying and growing the right people. We help entrepreneurs become the best versions of themselves to bring value to ideas and the business world.

We are Seedzi. Let’s start this growth journey together.

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