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dusty Dean

Dusty Dean

Managing Partner
Dusty is an entrepreneur, experienced executive, and technologist.
From a young age, Dusty had an interest in software, starting his own computer repair company as a teenager. After graduating from the University of Tennessee, Dusty started the digital consulting firm, Bitcadet, which became highly successful and is still active today. Since, he has served as president of a steel construction company, and is currently launching a machine learning analytics company. For fun, Dusty enjoys classic film, traveling, wine, and he is an avid reader. Dusty helped launch Seedzi because he enjoys working with fellow entrepreneurs and business leaders who are working to transform traditional industries.
Lisa Clark

Lisa Clark

Cofounder and CCO
Lisa sees the world as full of possibilities.
She’s dabbled in everything from fisheries to healthcare analytics, from human resources to building animal wheelchairs, from large to beginning stage companies; her willingness to take on any challenge made entrepreneurship an ideal career. Lisa earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Illinois and holds an MBA from Vanderbilt University. Most recently, she’s worked as a digital strategy consultant and is starting an operational analytics company. In her time off, Lisa is a dedicated home cook, a volunteer helping refugees, a hiking enthusiast, and she’s part of the zero-waste movement. As a founding partner of Seedzi, Lisa loves teaching people how to tackle multiple challenges with innovative solutions, and how to see the business opportunities everyday.

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