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Program The knowledge, tools, and mentorship for growth

When entrepreneurs partner with Seedzi, they gain access to a transformative program that provides the knowledge, tools, and mentorship required for sustainable growth.

It’s the type of information and competencies we wish had been available to us when we were starting out.
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Seedzi’s program begins with a thorough vetting process. We dig deep to ensure that everyone who joins the Seedzi program prospers, while also allowing candidates to really get to know us.

We’re looking for people who ask themselves tough questions, seek honest feedback, and know how to close a sale. More than anything, we partner with promising founders who are fully committed to the startup process; those willing to first understand and then take the calculated risks needed to succeed.

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Through our tailored coursework, candidates are introduced to the essential concepts and skillsets that budding entrepreneurs must master.

Each candidate’s journey begins with specific business knowledge and functional language for their field of focus. Seedzi works to assure meaningful engagement between candidates and their peers, mentors, and potential investors through the whole process.

We focus our attention on each candidate’s growth areas. Whether it’s financial planning, personal branding, communications, or database organization, everyone gains a fundamental understanding of how each discipline functions to improves their idea’s growth potential.

After the core tenants are established, we walk candidates through the customer frameworks, data analytic tools, CRM platforms, and tech stacks that are most pertinent to each business, with a focus on on how to identify, understand, and reach core customers.

Most candidates complete this stage in four months to six months through weekly virtual lessons.

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One of Seedzi’s unique features is that we are idea agnostic and accept candidates no matter what stage of ideation they are in.

Every candidate’s initial concept changes through market adaptation, so we work with strong potential founders both with or without an idea.

Our aim is to help our candidates identify a repeatable model that can scale, whether large or small. We assure that each of our candidates is paired with a strong idea, then we guide them through customer feedback, iteration loops, MVP development, and pitch polishing.Our candidates spend six months to twelve months in this phase where we shift to weekly virtual and in-person meetings.

Experience has taught us that investors are not only looking for strong ideas, but they want them paired with high talent, high drive individuals. That’s why incubators such as Seedzi have been so successful, our process is strategically focused on the positive outcome for both our candidates and our investors.

Let’s start this growth journey together. Seedzi Program

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