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Connecting entrepreneurs with profitable ideas

Our focus on the individual rather than the initial concept, combined with the way Seedzi approaches the identification, vetting, and development of pre-investment entrepreneurs, is what sets us apart from the standard incubator.

It doesn’t matter what stage of ideation you are in because Seedzi serves as the bridge between strong entrepreneurs and monetizable ideas.
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Our Process

Our first priority is vetting potential candidates to ensure they have the necessary qualities to become successful founders. Upon selection, you will undertake a rigorous program that provides the practices, tools, and access to mentors you’ll need as you enter the capital rounds of funding. We also foster potential business ideas, whether your own or based on proposals we present.

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Our Values

Seedzi places a high premium on principled entrepreneurship. We actively recruit aspiring individuals who value diversity, collaboration, stewardship, and innovation, essential attributes that will be required of all effective organizations moving forward.

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Our Commitment

Seedzi believes in forming long term partnerships and iterating with you until you are successful. Our ultimate goal is to nurture entrepreneurs who will become tomorrow’s start-up leaders, with an emphasis on the qualities and assets most valued by venture capitalists.

Let’s start this growth journey together. Seedzi Program

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